Corporate Services

Financial planning of businesses is very important to ensure its success. At André Gallant Financial Security and Associates, we put our expertise at work to make sure your business has all the tools necessary to ensure its long-term sustainability. Our team provides courteous and professional service. Many people and businesses trust us.  We are ahead of the pack thanks to our passion, our attention to detail and our dedication to your satisfaction. We can help you in several ways:

Shareholders’ Agreement: a shareholders’ agreement is a written agreement between two or more owners of the same business. It is a legal document that protects owners and the business by planning what will happen if, for example, a conflict occurs between owners, if one of the owners passes away, etc. Regardless of the size of your business, an agreement between owners is a must in order to protect you. Don’t wait for conflicts to happen. Call André Gallant Financial Security and Associates or a lawyer as soon as possible.

Advanced Financial Planning: there are many components to advanced financial planning. With this service, we analyze all your legal (testament, unfitness mandate, trust deed), fiscal and successional documents. Also, advanced financial planning’s goal is to maximize your assets and your short, mid and long-term income. We propose that you analyze your testament and your unfitness mandate to make sure they meet your needs. We also do the fiscal analysis of your business, namely the potential impacts of selling, succession, liquidation, creation of a trust agreement, etc. Lastly, we make sure your capital is shared fairly between heirs. After analyzing your case, we may also offer you some insurance and investment products.