Individual Services

Unfortunately, financial planning is an aspect of our lives we do not pay enough attention to. Our mission is to help you protect what you worked for all your life: your quality of life and your possessions. Thanks to our team’s personal and professional service, numerous people and many businesses have trusted us. We lead by our passion and our attention to detail and to your satisfaction. Here is an overview of products and services we offer:

Life Insurance: is your life insurance policy temporary or permanent? If it is temporary, that means it will end at a certain age or when you retire, depending on your contract. Most of the time, the life insurance policy you have at work is temporary. In addition to your temporary policy, make sure you have a permanent life insurance policy that will meet your needs by calling André Gallant Financial Security and Associates.

Disability Insurance: let us advise you on the best disability insurance policy for you. You will have access to one of the best disability insurance products on the Canadian market. Your contract will be guaranteed until you are 65 years old and your premium will never be raised.

Retirement Planning: at what age do you want to retire? How much money will you need after your retirement to keep a good quality of life? Canada’s Pension Plan, Old Age Security Program, Guaranteed Income Supplement, your RRSPs, your employer’s pension plan, the sale of your company, testamentary or family trust. How can you get all these revenues and pay as little income tax as possible? André Gallant Financial Security and Associates can help you to plan your retirement. You will be able to maximize your revenues and pay less income tax. Don’t rely only on Canada’s Pension Plan. You can get more than that. Contact us today and retire when you want to.

Planning your Will: when death occurs, your family members may have some surprises and a fiscal bill at tens, maybe thousands of dollars to pay! It is important you protect your loved ones and know what debts or income tax will have to be paid when you pass away. Discuss your Will with a certified financial advisor at Andre Gallant Financial Security and Associates. We will help you plan your Will and to see what financial products will ensure a good quality of life for your close friends or relatives after your death. When your financial planning is done, a lawyer will be able to help you legally finalize your Will and testament.

Mortgage Insurance: buying a house is usually your life’s and family’s biggest investment. It is important to protect that investment. Mortgage insurances sold by banks don’t necessarily offer a safe coverage. Buy a mortgage insurance directly from André Gallant Financial Security and Associates to get a stable protection for the time you reimburse your loan even if you switch your loan to another bank.